Choosing The Finish

There are a few factors that need to be considered when choosing a flooring finish…

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Choose your finishes


We recognise that our customers have a choice of product. This may include traditional floor finishes or products that are environmentally friendly.

Timber floor finishes may be oil based, composite finishes (mixes of oil and solvent borne polyurethanes), solvent borne polyurethanes, and water borne polyurethane. Further options such wax oils are available together with a range of timber stains.

It is essential to choose the right coating for your project.

Key Considerations


When choosing a finish it is necessary to consider

  • Durability – Wear and the amount of traffic on the floor
  • Appearance of floor finish over time – finishes darken over time
  • Maintenance – Ongoing maintenance and cost
  • Gloss Level – gloss or satin (low sheen)
  • Environmental Considerations – Odour during application – Will you be living in the house while the work is being done?
  • Cost – based on choice of finish

A finish similar to that of fine furniture should not be expected, as timber strip floors are not finished in a factory environment. Each timber type is unique and will vary with different coatings.

The finished floor can be expected to have an even appearance free from heavy sanding marks, blooming or frequent air bubbles in the surface.

A minimal level of contaminants minor sanding marks and small depressions of the finish at board edges and in nail holes etc. may be visible.

Some finishes will age or yellow with time and if rugs are moved, a contrast in the depth of colour can be expected.


To know more about Coating Choices click here or click on the following link to our professional association Australian Timber Floor Association (ATFA) which provides professional and independent advice.

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