Floor Finishes & Coating Selection Table

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Floor Finish Types and Characteristics

Here is a quick reference chart about timber floor coatings supplied by Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA).



Property Penetrating oil /wax & hard wax Oil based finishes Oil Modified Urethane Polyurethane
Solvent Borne Waterborne
1 pack 2 pack 1 pack 2 pack
Durability (Ability to resist wear) Low – Med Low-Med Medium Very High Very High Medium – High Medium – Very High
Ability to accept careful foot traffic 3 days after coating. (Ave. temperature 20°C) Low Low Medium Medium High Medium High
Timber colour ‘richness’ Low – High High High High High Low – Med Low – Med
Darkening with age High High High Low – High Low- Hgih Low – Med Low – Med
Ability to cure in cold & dry weather Low Low Medium Medium High Medium High
Ability to cure in cold and damp weather Low Low Low Medium High Low Low
Edge bonding resistance High High Med – High Low – Med Low High Med – High
Rejection resistance High Medium Medium Low – Med Low – Med Medium Medium
VOC emission at application Low – High High Med – High High High Low Low – Med
Inhalation hazard when coating is applied Low Medium Medium High Very High Low Medium
Odour on application Low – Med Medium Medium High Very High Low Low-Med
General product cost Med – High Low – Med Medium Medium Medium High Very High


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