Caring For Your Timber Floors

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Maintenance Tips:

  • Fit protective pads to the legs of chairs and tables to prevent scuff marks when they are moved.
  • Under desk chairs that have castors fitted we recommend the use of a protective floor mat to prevent damage to the floor.
  • Floors coated with polyurethane solvent finish will undergo an aging process by reacting with light and gradually darkening with age.
  • Floors exposed to direct sunlight should be protected by window coverings such as curtains or blinds.
  • Install matting at the entrance to timber floors. The aim of a matting system must be to remove dirt / grit and moisture from the feet of people entering the building to prevent that material scratching or wearing away the finish film.


  • Use a damp mop only. A micro-fibre mop is recommended. Avoid wet mopping of the floor which can leave excess moisture or streaking.
  • To remove sticky stains add a little methylated spirits or white vinegar to your water.
  • When a spillage occurs soak up the bulk of the liquid quickly.


Click here for ATFA Maintenance Guide.

Some “Do Not” Tips:

  • Do not let sand, dirt or grit gather on the floor. They can act like sandpaper and abrade or scratch the surface causing a dull finish.
  • Never use excess water to clean the timber surface. Excessive amounts of water can cause your timber floor to swell. Use water sparingly.
  • High heels should never be worn on timber floors. They can severely damage timber floors and leave dents in the surface.
  • Do not use household detergents or cleaners on timber floors. These products can dull floor finishes.
  • Pets living on timber floors can scratch or gouge the floors. Keep claws trimmed regularly.
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